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Being Prepared When Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

In our technology driven society, it is very easy to get a quote within a matter of minutes online with very little information on hand. The issue that presents itself is the accuracy of the quote and the consumer thinking the rate they received online is correct or final. This is very rarely the case and it is important to make sure you have all information needed in front of you while calling in or completing a quote online to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

Documents Needed to Receive Accurate Auto Insurance Quote

Although online systems and Allied Insurance agents can present you an insurance quote with very little information, it is also important to understand that having all your information at hand when receiving a quote will allow more accurate or finalized rate. This provides worry-free rates, which will not change at a later date once the information is received by an underwriter. This information includes the driver information (dates of birth, socials security numbers and driver’s license numbers), vehicle information (17 digit VIN number) and the current coverage’s you carry on your existing policy. If you do not have a current policy at the time of shopping, having a general idea of what kind of coverage you’re looking to carry is helpful. If you need to be educated and informed on what the coverages entail and how to best cover your assets - feel free to discuss that with the Allied Insurance Agent when calling in.

Common Auto Insurance Beliefs

There are some common insurance related misconceptions claiming that one can get a quote just by giving their car’s make or that it’s possible to estimate a quote based on common rates. However, every policy is based on an individual basis that includes you as a driver and the vehicle or property you’re looking to insure. Keep in mind that each case is completely different and there are several variables that are calculated on each person’s proposal. By having all the detailed information, your agent can help provide you a price that is individual to you and your particular situation.

Don’t Trust Insurance Teaser Rates

There are many instances where a consumer will get a quote (“teaser rate”), think it’s final and when they call back or go online to purchase it, they’re surprised that it’s different once they input all the pertinent information to finalize the quote. This happens often and can be avoided by simply having all your information and questions prepared when completing the quote initially.

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