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Bundling With Allied Insurance

Do you own multiple assets that need to be protected? Do you have them all with one company or spread out between multiple companies? If you own multiple assets, you should look into bundling them all with Allied Insurance to provide yourself better service, claims handling, and of course, a far better rate.

Benefits of Insurance Bundling

When owning multiple insurable assets, you are generally going to find better rates by packaging all of those assets with one company. Allied Insurance provides discounts based on how many policies’ you carry, with the multi-policy discount being the largest. This can start with just a combination of auto and home or renters, but extend even further if you have additional insurance needs such as motorcycle, boat, RV, umbrella and rental property coverage. Certain policies are built with the concept of getting a larger discount the more policies you have with that particular company, so it’s very important to make sure you are taking advantage of as many discounts as possible.

Convenience of Service

The other half of bundling your policies with Allied Insurance is the convenience and service. In the event of a claim that impacts multiple assets, it is going to be much more convenient to have one company handle the claims process, rather than multiple companies. Not only can it delay the claims process by having to go through multiple companies, it can also cost you more money by having to pay multiple deductibles. Allied Insurance, for example offers a “single deductible” anytime you have your home and auto insured with them. So if a hail storm occurs and your auto and home are damaged in the same storm, you are only paying one deductible instead of two separate deductibles. This can save you in the long run. Companies like Allied Insurance also offer additional coverages such as Emergency Lockout Coverage, Deductible Waiver, Air Bag Replacement and Accidental Death Benefit simply because of having your auto packaged with your home owners or condo policy. Even though these coverages may not be used often, they come in very handy when needed.

Bundle More – Save More at Allied Insurance

The amount of business you have with a company can also impact certain underwriting guidelines. For example, it may be a requirement to carry a minimum deductible of $2,500 on your home if you don’t carry your auto insurance with that company as well, but can be lower if you’re willing to package your policies together. There may also be additional exceptions made as well based on what type of business you have and how many policies you carry within that company’s book.

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