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Water Back-Up Insurance

Water backup. The words can terrify a homeowner. Sewer backups can fill basements with raw sewage. Flooding from pipes blocked by tree limbs can change vacation plans and wipe out savings accounts. When not watched carefully enough, sump pumps can fail causing water to pool where it shouldn’t causing damage.

Over the years, water backup coverage has evolved slightly to potentially cover a number of other incidents that could cause the flow of water in a home. But most homeowner’s are unaware that water backup is not automatically provided on a home owner’s policy.

It is an optional coverage, one that should be discussed whenever a new home insurance quote is being generated. After all, there is nothing worse than calling your insurance provider to file a claim only to find out there is no coverage to be offered.

Unfortunately, it is fairly common for a homeowner’s insurance policy to be in force without this coverage. Most commonly this occurs due to an insurance agent simply not outlining the coverage or homeowners declining the coverage in an effort to lower home insurance costs.

Depending on policy details, the water back-up coverage is affordable considering the out-of-pocket expense it can alleviate for homeowners in case of flooding. If a water back-up loss were to occur and this valuable coverage is not elected, homeowners are often stuck paying to replace flooring, walls and personal items on their own. Not to mention the cost of water mitigation in the home. Claims of this variety often cost homeowner’s thousands of dollars.

In addition to the loss, the demand for contractors to perform the work can mean you have to get in line. Talk with your agent about what protection water backup will provide if you are displaced from your home. Or in the case you have a rental property, ask about coverage to protect against loss of rents in the case of a water backup.

Like most insurance coverage, the long term protection of the water back-up coverage often outweighs minimal premium savings. Talk to your insurance professional to make sure your home, time, and dollars are protected by this valuable coverage.

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By Brian Cook