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Named Non-Owner Auto Policies

For most, it is fairly obvious when an insurance policy should be in place. If you own a vehicle, an auto insurance policy is needed. If you have a home, a home insurance policy is needed. However, there are some policies that can offer great benefits but are not as commonly known about. For instance, a Named Non-Owner Auto Policy.

That’s right, even if you do not own a vehicle; you can still have an auto insurance policy in place. While that may sound backwards, there are several benefits.

Saving money on your future auto insurance policy is one of the greatest benefits for having a Named Non-Owner Policy. Most people assume it is best to cancel their auto insurance if a vehicle has been sold or will be inoperable for a period of time. While this would appear to save money immediately, it will likely cost you more money in the long run. Nearly every auto insurance company provides a discount for drivers who carry Continuous Coverage. So if you sell a vehicle, cancel your auto insurance policy, then buy another car in a few months your auto insurance rates will actually be higher than you were paying before as you had a lapse in insurance coverage. Additionally, some insurance companies will not even offer a policy if there has been a lapse in coverage for any reason.

A Named Non-Owner Policy provides liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical coverage. There is no coverage provide for physical damage. Essentially, the policy will cover damage to others after an accident you cause, but not the vehicle you are driving. A policy like this is ideal for persons that do not own a vehicle, but still drive a vehicle on occasion. In a technical sense, if you are driving a friends or family member’s vehicle there may be coverage offered under the vehicle’s policy. This is of course provided you have a valid license and the permission from the owner to operate the vehicle. However, without carrying coverage yourself, any claim encountered will negatively affect the vehicle owner’s future eligibility and increase their insurance rates for up to five years. By carrying a Named Non-Owner Policy, you are allowing the claim to follow you and not negatively impact your friend or family member that was nice enough to lend you the vehicle in the first place.

In addition, a Named Non-Owners Policy is generally less expensive than a normal auto insurance policy. The policy will still rate against any driving activity on your record, but it is often less abrasive as no vehicle is being covered.

A Named Non-Owner Policy is an underutilized option that will make for a much more positive insurance experience on nearly all fronts. Although saving money is generally the reason why people don’t carry insurance, you are essentially cost yourself much more by not carrying continuous coverage. Talk to your agent today to see if a Named Non-Owner Policy is right for you!

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