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Good Student Discount

Are you under 25? Are you a full time student taking 12 or more credit hours and achieving a 3.0 GPA or better? If so, you would qualify for a Good Student Discount on your auto insurance policy! All you have to do is submit acopy of your latest report card or transcript to your insurance Allied Insurance agent and let the savings begin!

The Good Student Discount is a great way to lower your insurance premium. This is especially true if you are a parent preparing to add a younger driver to your auto insurance policy. It's no secret that insurance costs are higher for new or young driving with little to no experience behind the wheel. So of course any and all discounts will be of the utmost importance. Especially one that encourages a brighter future!  If your child is already meeting the Good Student requirements, great! If not, this is a great incentive to encourage better study habits. Even if your student only obtains a 3.0 GPA in their most recent semester, this discount can still be applied during the middle of your auto insurance policy term. So by your child earning a B average or better, you can knock off up to 15% of your auto insurance policy.

Packaging the Good Student Discount with other available discounts can make the cost of adding a young driver significantly more affordable. As an added bonus, your student can see the real life financial benefit of obtaining good grades!

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By Brian Cook