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Auto Insurance Resources

Nobody plans on having an accident, but when one happens, it’s important to know that you’re protected. From basic coverage of loss and damages to policies that protect you and your assets from large liability claims, a variety of plans let you face life on the road with confidence. It’s more than just protection – it’s peace of mind.

Homeowner Insurance Resources

A home is more than just a building full of furniture. It’s a big part of your life, full of cherished belongings and memories. When acts of nature or humans take them from you, a well-designed homeowners policy can help make you whole again. From common losses like fire, storms and theft to protection against claims for injury and property damage to others, your homeowner’s insurance is designed to restore your dwelling, its contents, and your life when disaster strikes. Policies are available for owners of single-family homes, townhomes and condos, and renters, too. They can be customized to protect your valuables and your identity both at home and away.

Business Insurance Resources

Even the most careful business isn’t exempt from unexpected loss or damage. Buildings and contents are vulnerable to everything from natural disaster to careless and dishonest acts by customers and employees. That’s why it’s important to have protection that keeps your company operating when disaster strikes. Customized policies can insure not only your buildings and contents, but can protect you from loss of data, accidents, theft, fraud, and product liability.

Life Insurance Resources

Life insurance isn’t just about dying, it can be a big part of living, too. Besides death benefits for survivors, a life insurance policy can be a central part of a financial plan that gives you resources and flexibility throughout your life. Term insurance is an economical way to protect your family from financial hardship if you should die unexpectedly. Permanent life policies build cash value over time and can be tailored to offer a variety of attractive options such as low- or no-interest loans and dividends. Permanent life polices come in three forms: Whole Life, Universal Life, and market-based Variable Universal Life. Each type of policy offers specific benefits and can an important part of your life’s financial plan.

Power Sports Resources

Boats, RVs, motorcycles, and ATVs are a huge part of America’s love of the road and our outdoor lifestyles. With over 30 million powered sports vehicles on the roads, trails, and waterways, Power sport Vehicle Insurance is a growing specialty. Almost all powered vehicles and accessories can be insured for loss, damage, and liability, just like cars and trucks. Your homeowners and car insurance may not offer the coverage you need, so several stand-alone products are available to increase your protection. Many are offered with discounts for bundles with other coverages.

Lawsuit Protection Resources

Sometimes it seems like everybody’s suing somebody about something. While your homeowner’s or business policy gives some protection, an umbrella policy lets you add as much as $5 million in additional coverage. An umbrella policy helps pay for legal expenses and settlement costs beyond the limits of your other insurance. Whether it’s an errant golf ball, a careless act, or an ill-advised comment on social media, you can keep your home, business, assets and future income safe with an umbrella policy.

Commercial Resources

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General Resources

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Home Owner Resources

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Life Insurance Resources

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