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When summer arrives each year, many people look forward to activities that they can only enjoy during warmer months. Summer is also a time for family vacations and relaxing. A typical American's summer plans may include outdoor activities, entertainment and traveling. While these are all great ways to make the most of the warm months, it is important to evaluate additional insurance needs. Accidents are bound to happen but do not need to end in bankruptcy. These simple insurance tips will help Americans enjoy their summer with peace of mind.

Pools And Trampolines
Although trampolines and pools provide plenty of fun for kids during the summer, they also pose major hazards. Many people are severely injured or killed in accidents involving pools and trampolines every summer. Insurance companies have strict rules for these hazards. Homeowners with built-in pools or even inflatable pools should contact their agents for information about pool coverage and rules for securing the pools. Some insurers may not cover injuries related to pool or trampoline injuries. It is best to purchase an umbrella policy when putting a trampoline or pool on the property.

Typical policies for personal property usually cover small boats up to $1,500. However, the amount may be less. Most boats that sustain even minor damage result in bills that exceed this amount. Large boats are usually not covered at all, and separate boat insurance is needed to provide protection in the event that someone is injured on the boat. Jet skis and other personal watercraft items also require separate policies. Some home insurance companies offer these supplemental options. Be sure to ask about various options and to understand what is covered and what is not covered.

All-Terrain Vehicles
An ATV is typically not covered by an auto insurance company. However, a home insurance policy provides limited coverage for liability. Ask an agent if the coverage is sufficient. Anyone who uses these vehicles and allows others to ride on them should purchase additional coverage. Medical bills can be very expensive, and a typical hospital stay can easily reach into the thousands within just one day.

It is important to be protected while traveling whether the trip is a weekend getaway or an extended summer vacation. Know what a home insurance policy covers before leaving for the trip. Not all policies cover personal belongings a traveler takes along for the trip if they are stolen. While some items may be covered, there is still a deductible to think about. When traveling with any rare items or high-priced valuables, it is best to obtain separate coverage for them.

Be sure to review all deductibles and limitations before summer arrives each year. If any changes are made to the property that pose a liability risk or if any expensive items are purchased, discuss the new additions with an agent to ensure they are protected.