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Identity Theft

Your identity is sacred and something that needs to be protected at all times. But where do you start? Did you know that Allied home, condo, or renters insurance policies can include coverage for Identity Theft protection? That's right; it can be placed right on your insurance policy without a separate bill or application!

Identity Theft is an additional coverage that can be added to any Allied Insurance residence policy. The valuable protection provides up to $25,000 to cover certain expenses incurred while returning your identity to normal. Asan added benefit, this coverage is offered deductible free which means there is no out of pocket money to access ID Theft coverage. In addition, ID Theft coverage will help with lost income, attorney fees, free credit monitoring, and much more. As identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, the goal of this coverage is to allow Allied clients to maintain a normal lifestyle by offering the available funds to correct the pitfalls of identity theft. In addition to financial support, Allied Insurance has partnered with Worldwide Assistance in an effort to prevent identity theft before it happens. Some of the available services are asfollows:

• Help in identifying fraudulent accounts
• Placement of fraud alerts on your credit reports
• Contacting creditors on your behalf
• Provide an emergency cash advance if theft occurs away from home
• And many more…

On average, identity theft requires victims to spend 175 hours resolving problems related to the theft. Don't wait until it is too late. Contact your agent your agent to discuss adding the valuable coverage!

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By Brian Cook