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Insurance Forgiveness Coverage

Running a red light. Driving too fast in a school zone. Getting rear-ended in a rush hour traffic jam. Being hit by another driver who doesn’t have insurance.  It happens. Afterwards, drivers invariably ask: How much is my insurance going to increase?

It is common that rates increase after an accident or traffic violation. Generally ticket and accident-related rate increases stay on your record for three to five years before they are removed. What if there was a way to avoid these increases? Fortunately, with Allied Insurance, there is!

The accident and minor violation forgiveness feature is a relatively new option. With this coverage, Allied Insurance will not increase insurance rates after a minor accident or moving violation a “get out of jail free card,” if you will.

While this benefit is offered at a slight higher cost, the savings potential far outweighs the upfront cost. Imagine the security of knowing that you have saved 3 years of increased insurance payments if you have a small slip up. Your wallet will appreciate the forethought.

Forgiveness coverage is great for all drivers of any age, but it’s particularly beneficial for the younger demographic, teen and/or new drivers. Adding a teenage driver to any insurance policy is costly. But the savings is realized when the new driver has an accident or violation…cha-ching!

In addition to the cost savings, the forgiveness package can also prevent a policy from being cancelled. Most insurance companies have rules and regulations around how many accidents or tickets a driver can have before becoming ineligible for automobile insurance coverage. In the event a driver has multiple accidents or violations, the ability to have one of those incidents forgiven could prevent policy cancellation.

Do the math. Ask your agent about Accident Forgiveness options.

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By Brian Cook