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Multi-Policy Discount Insurance

One of the most asked questions about insurance is, “How can I save money?” It’s not about finding the cheapest coverage, but the coverage you need for your own individual circumstance and the coverage for your home(s), car(s) and recreational toys.

One of the biggest discounts available in the insurance world is the Multi-Policy Discount.

The Multi-Policy Discount is achieved when a consumer packages their home or renter’s insurance policy with an auto insurance policy. In some cases, the Multi-Policy Discount can mean other coverage like life insurance or umbrella policies are discounted due to the multiple policies being purchased from the same carrier. But most commonly the combination of property and auto insurance needs to occur.

But the Multi-Policy Discount offers far more than just the a reduced price. The convenience of having one company handle all of your insurance needs streamlines claims when disaster strikes. In addition, policy bundling eliminates insurance company claims disputes and speeds up the claims process for a customer.

Efficiency, convenience, and saving money are three important benefits. Allied Insurance offers even more multi-policy benefits called the “Allied Extras.”

The Single Deductible benefit allows customers to only pay one deductible when both a home and auto are damaged by a single incident.

The Deductible Waiver waives a client’s entire home deductible in the event a home is completely destroyed.

Emergency lock-out, air bag replacement, antique/classic auto coverage, home and auto modifications, and accidental death coverage round out the rest of the extras provided when a customer elects to package their home and auto insurance under Allied.

In addition to being one of the largest discounts offered by insurance companies, the Multi-Policy Discount also provides clients convenience, policy maximization, and added sense of security when the worst occurs. 

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By Brian Cook