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Water Back-Up Coverage

Water back-up coverage is a very important and often times overlooked coverage for home owners. This coverage can often be overlooked in regards to the original set up of the policy and can create a major gap in coverage for the consumer. It is crucial that when reviewing and comparing rates that you take the time to talk with an Allied Insurance agent to review this coverage and its importance.

What is Water Back-Up Coverage?

Water back-up provides coverage in the event of a back-up of a sewer system, drainage system or sub-pump. A back-up means that there is an accumulation caused by a stoppage in the flow; something that prevents water from continuing down its path, so it is forced to reverse direction and go back the other way. When this happens, it can create pressure in other areas of the pipes and create leaks or bursts, which in turn can damage your structure or personal belongings depending on how severe the back-up is. A lot of consumers get this confused with flooding or overflow, but those are due to the boundaries of the structure holding the water being exceeded and creating a rising body of water and are covered differently on the policy. Overflow would generally be covered under the basic policy under a water claim, whereas flooding would need to be covered by a separate policy specifically covering flooding.

Coverage Limits and Rates

This coverage can oftentimes be automatically added to your policy and coverage limits start around $5,000, with the ability to go up to around $50,000 or more, depending on the state and insurance need. It is important to know how much coverage is listed on your policy, if any, in the event of a claim so that there are no surprises as to if you would have coverage. This is something that most consumers with basements or storage areas within their home prefer to carry to make sure their belongings are covered. When keeping personal belongings in the basement or storage area, it is prudent to know roughly what the value of those items are so that you are able to set the proper level of coverage on your policy. This coverage is also intended on helping with replacing flooring, drywall and various other structural elements in the event that the home is damage as well. So when reviewing rates and coverage be sure to carry the proper amount of sewer back-up coverage on your Allied Insurance Policy.