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from California

After completing an instant online quote from Nationwide Insurance Barbara was contacted by Brian, a licensed insurance professional. Within minutes of Barbara's insurance review the two had identified gaps in insurance coverage as well as additional discounts she was not currently taking advantage of. After her completely free consultation, Barbara was able to increase her insurance protection and save $1,160.00 a year by switching her auto and home policies to Nationwide Insurance. Today, Barbara and Brian still work together to make sure she is getting the best coverage at the best price!



from Indiana

Jake purchased his first home a year ago and at that time he obtained insurance from a company that was recommended by his mortgage consultant. After that first year of insurance coverage, Jake saw his home insurance premium increase significantly. He completed a free online quote with Nationwide Insurance and liked the rate he saw. Moments after completed the quote he was put in touch with a licensed insurance professional who was able to save Jake nearly $500.00 on his home and auto insurance. During this conversation it was discovered that Jake did not obtain any life insurance after getting the mortgage on his home. From there his dedicated agent was able to place a portion of the savings obtained on his home and auto insurance into a term life policy that will pay the mortgage for Jake's family should anything happen to him. Jake came away in a much better insurance position knowing that his family was now protected if the worst were to happen.


Jason & Kelsey,

from Iowa

After years of having auto and town-home insurance with another major insurance provider, Jason & Kelsey decided look at other insurance options to ensure they were getting the best deal available. After quickly completing an online quote with Nationwide Insurance they were pleasantly surprised by the potential savings. Shortly after completing the online quote the couple began working with licensed insurance professional, Scott. It was at this time that the couple discovered they were able to save $300.00 a year for the exact same coverage they currently had through another insurance provider. Further, the couple could now manage their policies online and take advantage of the Allied Extras at absolutely no cost to them! Since then, Jason & Kelsey have continued to work with Scott to add life insurance to their auto and town home insurance package.



from Illinois

Kelli was insured for 4 years with another insurance provider before she decided to get an online quote with Nationwide Insurance. Her previous insurance rates continually increased even though she had not received any tickets or been in any accidents. She processed an instant online auto insurance and shortly after spoke with a licensed insurance professional. The two were able to exactly match her old coverage while enhancing it with a renter's insurance policy. Kelli is now enjoying her online policy access and saving $783.00 a year.



from Colorado

Mary has lived in Colorado for several years and had not reviewed her insurance coverage for quite some time. After purchasing a second home in Arizona, Mary found out her current agent was unable to provide her a policy as they were not licensed in Arizona. After doing some research online, Mary contacted the My Nationwide Insurance Quote Team for a free insurance consultation. In one phone call Mary was able to obtain a policy for her Arizona home and save $275.00 a year on her Colorado insurance policies. She now has quality insurance coverage on all of her properties and still has the convenience of one dedicated agent.